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Q: Do you install or just repair Terrazzo.
A: We do not install new Terrazzo, our expertise is in repair, restoration, grinding and polishing old historical Terrazzo and bring it back to like new quality. This is far less expensive than installing a new Terrazzo floor. We, however, can suggest someone that can install if that is what you need.
Q: I have a crack that runs from one side of the house to the other. Can it be filled in?
A: When your slab for house was installed the terrazzo was installed over it. When the house settled the foundation cracked. This can be filled with a matching resin color, grinding it down smooth and restored to a like new appearance .
Q: If I have major stains on my terrazzo floor miami, can you guarantee that the stains will come out?
A: No, we can not guarantee all the stains will come out and if anyone tell you so they are not telling the customer the truth! When the floor was laid out, it was made with 2/3 marble chips to 1/3 Portland cement. So just imagine a stain traveling down the cement, the cement is a pourous material, so no one can know how far the stain has traveled. If the stain doesn't come out completely, I called it character. A 1,000 square foot terrazzo floor is worth a minimum of $25,000 and it was probably poured in the 1950's. People in the industry and who want to reclaim a historical floor for the homeown call it character, anything over 50 years old is allowed to have flaws! Even with a stain, our polishing process will bring out the color in the marble chips used and clean and polish it to a brilliant shine. Now that is Character!
Q: What is the Retro Plate System?
A: The Retro Plate System TM turns bare concrete or terrazzo into an abrasion resistant, water repellant, dust proof surface that is easy to clean, and has a marble-like shine.
This patented system is designed for both new and existing floors. Using Retro Plate on a new floor will create a beautiful, maintenance friendly floor from the day the doors are opened. At an existing facility, Retro Plate can make the floor better than new. Whether it is used on bare concrete, colored concrete, or terrazzo, Retro Plate will create a masterpiece. Initially, the Retro Plate System was created as a means for refurbishing existing concrete. Because of its wide acceptance and its ability to create a showpiece out of old worn out concrete, specifiers and owners quickly began specifying it for new concrete. The Retro Plate System is a complete process that can revitalize and strengthen concrete and terrazzo floors.
Q: Can all terrazzo floors be repaired?
A: The good news is Yes they can! As we have talked about most of these Southern Florida Terrazzo floors are classic, historical designed floors. Made of natural materials and marble chips pressed into cement. Terrazzo flooring needs a company and someone who knows how to work with color and resins for perfect match ups. This is a skill that takes many years to learn and it is a guarded secret.
Q: When I pulled up my carpet I noticed tack strips on the floor, what is the proper way to remove them?
A: The proper way to remove them is to break of the strips leaving the nails in place. The nails are then Drimeled off then sanded. You as the homeowner can do this, however if you are going to have the floor restored and polished, our company will also be able to assist you with that.
Q: My terrazzo floors has a lot of holes all over the place.
A: Some times when there's holes all over the center of the floors, we call it pitting. This is when the terrazzo chips pop out. This can happen from moisture under carpet that covered it for years and that made the chips pop out. We can repair that with our special method. It isn't easy but it can be done. Our experience makes results.
Q: I had a contractor that used another company that claimed they did terrazzo polishing. The floor looks wavy and I can see every flaw! Is there a way to fix it?
A: Our company is alwayS sorry to read this question. Yes, there is something that can be done to fix this problem. What happen to your floor is very common trade practice in south Florida. That is why we always want our customers to check and recheck your contractor when selecting someone to restore your Terrazzo flooring. Your alleged terrazzo pro probably applied a topical coating on it or brought the floor to a very high shine, probably up to 3500 like granite to save money and time on the polishing powder. What needs to be done is have us come in and hone the floor using 200, 400 ,800 resin diamonds then polish. This way you will have a floor with the right shine not showing off the flaws. Terrazzo restoration is usually a one time shot process. Our shines has a history of lasting ten plus years before requiring any maintenance. Good luck and sorry for your additional expense. Reputible Companies such as Colonial Floor Care would have had all the information and quality craftsmanship. We were featured in January 2006 in "Home Fort Lauderdale Magazine" for our terrazzo processes. The article is call Timeless terrazzo. Its a good read and you will find it on our web site. Good luck.