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Tile Removal and Restoration
Tile Removal and Restoration of Terrazzo exposed under.
People are realizing that this isn't their Grandparents Terrazzo any longer! One of the the of the surfaces used to cover up Terrazzo in the late 60's and 70's was tile and after time that tile chipped and cracked. High foot traffic dulled the shine, and when it is removed, it will be a dirty and labor intensive project. If found, the Terrazzo flooring underneath (that looks like it could never be able to be saved) back to it's classic historical condition! However the truth is, it can be! Most homeowners will want a company that has the expertise to restore remove the tile, protect there home from the dust and mess tile removal will bring.Then to have a company with the experience that will restore the Terrazzo It is much less expensive than removing and reinstalling new tile at the cost of $25.00 to $40.00 a square foot. The top layer can be ground using heavy grinding machines, exposing a cleaner, fresh layer to begin the cleaning' repairing and polishing.Any imperfections can be fix, such as cracks or tack holes from carpeting tac strips, our highly trained and experience technicians.
Colonial Floor Care has been helping home owners reclaim their Terrazzo homes since 1986. Let Colonial Floor Care help you with your reclaimed piece of history. Many homeowners are now realizing the valuable and durability of Terrazzo flooring. Today, in the housing market people are looking for property to own or as an investment. Terrazzo has been hidden for years! Now however, many people are realizing the value, monetarily and historically of restoring this type of floor. Environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable Terrazzo is now even being use in new building and homes being remodeled. At Colonial Floor Care, we remove the tile, the mess, and expertly restore your hidden treasure, Terrazzo floor to it's classic and historical beauty. We hope you will choose our company to complete uncovering and restoring your masterpiece flooring!